4SELLERS Elements fundamentally changes the way you work with ERP systems. With Elements, even inexperienced users can interact productively with your system within hours. Fast, location-independent and browser-based, directly in the cloud.

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Elements CRM is the answer to the challenges in customer service and sales. Thanks to high performance and modern usability you are even closer to your consumers and have time for the things that really matter: Quality and high customer satisfaction.

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Work with your own ERP data within 24 hours


Search orders in 250 ms


Ø Saving time in customer service

Your advantages with Elements

Achieve more – in less time. With Elements you can use all advantages of our modern world and set the course for the future.


Elements bundles the relevant data of your ERP system as well as communication, product and logistics data in one platform. There is no double data storage.


You always have access to your system and can act immediately. As location-independent and browser-based cloud software, Elements is as flexible as modern trading requires.

Easy to use

Optimized for usability, Elements enables even untrained users to work productively with the system immediately. This allows you to react flexibly to market conditions.

Ready for use within 24 hours

After receiving all relevant information, 4SELLERS Elements is ready for use within 24 hours. There are no long waiting or implementation times - you can start right away.

AI-supported assistance systems

Based on our many years of retail expertise, Elements guides the user proactively and with foresight through the daily challenges of fast moving online commerce.

Kubernetes cluster

In order to achieve maximum flexibility, stability and performance, 4SELLERS Elements relies on state-of-the-art technologies. This includes the intelligent and flexible load distribution of Kubernetes.

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  • With the help of the intelligent search, our customer service is always able to assign all inquiries from e-mail, telephone and chat, quickly and purposefully to the appropriate orders.

  • Our complete telephone support uses Elements to carry out an optimized order process based on fast interaction with the customer and to have a central overview of all relevant transaction data from the ERP system in real time.

Use the full potential of your company with Elements!

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