Customer service and sales with Elements CRM

With Elements CRM you optimize your handling of customer inquiries in service and sales. Due to the close integration with the underlying ERP system, all relevant data for an optimal consultation are available in real time and regardless of location in the cloud CRM..

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Challenges for retailers

Customer service employees often communicate with different customers simultaneously on several communication channels. In addition to the use of e-mail and telephone, the use of chats and messengers is becoming increasingly popular. However, neither the quality nor the speed of service should suffer as a result.

  • Very short response time

    Today, customers expect to receive responses to their requests almost in real time. Anyone who takes too long as a retailer quickly becomes unpopular.

  • Little information

    It is not uncommon for customer service staff to be faced with the challenge of correctly processing requests despite a lack of information.

  • Data are often incomplete

    For employees in service, the qualification of data is particularly difficult. Are names, addresses, numbers or order details correct?

  • Simultaneously in chat, telephone and e-mail

    Often employees have to manage many channels simultaneously and can hardly concentrate on one task.

  • Lack of overview

    Especially for inexperienced employees, the ERP quickly becomes a complex and confusing interface that raises more questions than answers.

  • Adjustment of documents

    Receipts must be quickly and easily adaptable. Only in this way can customer enquiries be solved effectively and satisfactorily.

Search 15 million orders in under a second

How long does it take you to find a specific customer in your ERP? The intelligent search of Elements provides you with the relevant information from your ERP system, as well as communication, product or logistics data in real-time.

  • Intelligent and quick search

    With Elements it is possible for you to find orders, offers as well as article and customer data within milliseconds.

  • Customizable quick filters

    Individual filters and tags significantly increase the overview. The search result can be narrowed down even further using the quick filters.

  • Favorites and views

    Save your individual views and settings as favorites and switch between them easily.

Order processing has never been that simple

Why are webshops optimized to offer shoppers maximum convenience – but ERP interfaces are not? With Elements you work the way users expect from modern software. With a clear commitment to usability and with interfaces that always display exactly the information you really need.

  • Easy order entry through shopping cart function

    As in a web shop, you create shopping baskets in Elements, which you can then transfer to an order and into the ERP system.

  • Easy access to all documents

    With only a few steps it is possible to display and process all documents for an order.

  • Status and tracking Information

    At any time, the current status (paid/packed/shipped/returned) of an order can be viewed in Elements, right up to the retrieval of tracking information.

  • Transfer of webshop shopping baskets

    Your customer has questions about an order he has compiled in the web shop? Via Service ID you can directly access his shopping cart, edit it and return it to the customer.

Seamless communication

Elements supports you and your team with selected communication tools. Incoming e-mails are analyzed and intelligently linked to your ERP data. The internal chat also allows communication across teams.

  • Internal Chat

    With the Elements Chat, employees work hand in hand across teams. Nearly all views can be shared and edited together as a link.

  • Comprehensive task management

    With the integrated task management you can create tasks structured by priorities and due date for individuals or groups.

  • E-mail handling

    E-mails are analysed and linked to existing order and customer data. Customer inquiries can thus be quickly qualified and processed at the customer service.

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Easy access to article, customer and order data

With Elements you have everything in view. The clearly arranged interface gives you access to all the data you need. No matter if it is about article and customer data as well as orders and offers. You can switch smoothly between detailed and list views and modify them individually.

  • Manage article data conveniently

    Keep all important article information directly in view. This allows you to advise your customers directly and immediately and to call up availability and prices at any time.

  • Manage customer data

    Customized dashboards allow a quick overview of all important data. New customers can be created and existing entries maintained within seconds. An automatic duplicate check supports you in data maintenance.

  • Orders and offers

    Place orders easily and conveniently. New order items can be entered using the search and scan mode (at the point of sale). The selection of payment and shipping methods is based on the stored customer groups and shipping classes.

Answer e-mails faster and more efficiently

Process incoming e-mails even faster and more efficiently. With Elements CRM, e-mails are analyzed and linked to existing ERP data. So you see all important information at first glance and in real time and can answer inquiries competently.

  • Clearly arranged list display

    All e-mails are collected and processed in individual or team mailboxes. The current processing status is immediately visible in a list view.

  • Associated customer data

    See at a glance whether the customer is a regular customer, what turnover the customer generates over a certain period of time and how many orders he has placed in total.

  • Linked order and receipt data

    See the status of orders (paid/packed/shipped/returned) and all related order and document data at a glance. Receipts can also be called up directly at any time in PDF format.

  • Items in the order and mail

    E-mails are automatically linked with the order data from your ERP. So you know immediately which article the e-mail is about and how it sells.

Use Elements CRM to optimize your customer service and sales

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