A new experience of customer service and B2B procurement processes

As a flexible and browser-based ERP cloud assistance system, 4SELLERS Elements revolutionizes everyday business. It combines automated processes and intelligent micro services with a clear focus on usability and performance.

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Filter intelligently and create individual views.
Stability and strong performance based on automated and scalable techologies.
High process reliability and extremely low error ratio due to automated and standardized ERP processes.
Customer communication rethought: Intelligent real-time data in Elements improves processing customers' requests as well as your sales processes. The result is an extremely high performance and quality in customer service.
Simply register in the cloud, start and become productive within a very short time.
The real-time ERP access guarantees a 360° view of all customer data.
Seamless and effective: Digitize your customer processes and experience a completely new way of cooperation. Your customers can access their entire history of receipts, can place requests for quotation and orders directly and easily with you, all of that being "out-of-the-box", without interfaces or time-consuming projects.
Our agile development offers new features every month.
Your needs as a user are at the heart of our work.
Tailored to your needs: individualized workflows and personalized views.

As a flexible and browser-based ERP cloud assistance system, 4SELLERS Elements revolutionizes everyday business. It combines automated processes and intelligent micro services with a clear focus on usability and performance.

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How does Elements work?
Elements is based on an ERP system. You administer your corporate resources integratedly and individually, boosting your confidence in your every-day business processes - combined with your long-standing experience it symbolizes the DNA of your company.
However, it takes more for a company to be successful and competitive today: further information going beyond any ERP system. It takes tools for communication and collaboration as well as external services and your sector-specific processes.
The result? Individual, highly complex isolated solutions reflecting processes partly manually offering a basis for decision making. Organized decentrally, they don't offer a comprehensive overview (at a click of a button) - digitized and bundled up that would work a lot better.
This is where Elements comes in: being a native cloud software it builds a system out of your local insulated solutions and those available in the cloud. The extremely high performance and intelligent search bundles up all information on a clearly structured user interface - at the exact moment you need them, perfectly prepared. There is no duplication of data: Elements displays your ERP data in (almost) real-time - and you can start within 24 hours! 
We have developed Elements Commerce Cockpit especially for processes closely involving customers. That way you can increase your employees' as well as your customers' satisfaction: your team gets relevant data fast and easily from all underlying systems - thanks to the intelligent combination of ERP information and communication.
Going digital with your B2B processes, you can improve your customers' loyalty: Elements Commerce B2B Portal enables your customers to access any relevant data, such as order status or receipts. Moreover, enquiries as well as orders can be generated directly. This elevates collaboration to a whole new level - ready in an instant and adjustable to your needs.
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Work more productively and comfortably with Elements.

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Search and filter
External services
B2B Commerce

Search and filter: Results within seconds.

Fast and comfortable: Using Elements, you won’t need a lot of time searching – you’ll find what you’re looking for immediately and within a few clicks. You work with filters and tags, save them and reactivate them at a later time.

“Thanks to the intelligent search function, our customer service is able to allocate requests from emails, phone and chats to corresponding orders fast and precisely.”

Benjamin Krautstorfer
nebulus GmbH / Fashion

Live collaboration: automated processes

Intelligent and effective: the Elements Commerce B2B Portal manages standard shopping cart processes for you. Being a digital assistant, our software supports customers and customer service at the same time, providing information automatically – and, if needed, prepares decisions on processes.

“Working with Elements is an enriching experience as it facilitates our every-day business routines thanks to its operation focused on sales processes. Its modern and intuitive design allows for its immediate use.”

Dominik Schuster
BSS Bau-Systeme-Service GmbH / construction supplies

External services: seamlessly integrated and high-performance

Address check, solvency check and more: 3rd party services offer useful benefits to you and your customers and make processes more comfortable. We have integrated into Elements external processes optimally and seamlessly – for higher performance and practical features.

“Using Elements increases process reliability and performance in the whole of our customer service. Onboarding new employees is possible within a very short time, so they become productive very fast.”

Ove Kamentz
VOSS GmbH & Co. KG / farming & garden

Individualizing: Make Elements your own!

Especially for you and your corporate processes: Adapt Elements to your specific needs – using the extension “Actions”, individual developments making you and your daily business even better can be integrated in the software.

What does Elements Commerce B2B Portal offer?

Optimize your processes, save costs and get real quality.

Use the Elements Commerce B2B Portal to digitize your entire order process within a very short time. Your customers can enquire prices and place orders just like in a webshop and access their history of receipts, bills of delivery and invoices. We are specialists in our field with a long-standing proven track record and we offer you perfectly defined processes and reliable software. Get Elements and keep the edge over any competitor!

Easy to use: convenient handling for your customers

B2B-optimized: Elements is an easy way for your customers to enquire or shop with you around the clock. Your customers can check availabilities, individual prices and discounts as well as changes to their shopping carts in real-time. Live information directly from your ERP system, intuitive handling and an efficient search are the foundation of our B2B Portal’s success – it doesn’t require a great deal of familiarizing but is ready to use.

Made perfect for sellers: Top customer service and reduced process costs

Maximum focus on customers

The direct link of your customers to your own processes minimizes errors and costs.

Effective digitizing

The shopping cart as a digital collaboration and processing tool ensures high reliability of processes.

More capacity

Modern collaboration using chat and email embedded in your processes reduces process time significantly.

Intuitive handling

The clear structure facilitates onboarding of new employees – even without ERP access.

Flexible capacities – just as you need them

Our flexible subscription model allows you to use Elements tailored to your current needs.

Ready within 24 hours: online order options and digital order processing

Easily digitized: using Elements you can easily and swiftly provide your customers with an operating platform for online-orders and further useful functions – at no additional integration costs. Since Elements is ERP-based, there is no need for any interfaces and their maintenance.