Strong performance - fair pricing

Use Elements Commerce Cockpit to optimize your sales and services. With Elements Commerce B2B portal you can start your B2B self-service.


Headquarters for your service and sales
Onboarding within record-like 24 hours
Intelligent, fault-tolerant and fast search
Fast access to all the relevant ERP data
Integrated collaboration with to dos & chat
Mail with automatic ERP data link
Intuitive order processing in shopping cart
Flexibly expandable to further users
Monthly cancellation

Commerce Cockpit

monthly / per user



What is a 'business login'?

Business logins are your customers’ access to Elements Commerce B2B Portal. Here they can place their orders with you, enquire prices, access their history of receipts as well as have a look at their individual prices and discounts you may have agreed on.

What happens if I exceed my business login limit?

Each business login exceeding your limit will be charged at 0.99 € (basic version), 0.19 € (professional version) and 0.09 € (enterprise version).

What happens if I exceed the contractually governed item limit in the shopping cart?

Exceeding the limit for numbers of items per shopping cart agreed on in your contract, a fee per item will be charged that depends on the plan you have booked. Its aggregate will be added monthly to your basic tariff at 0.29 € per item (basic plan), 0.09 € per item (professional plan) and 0.03 € per item (enterprise plan).

What is the difference between the Elements Commerce editions?

Using Elements Commerce Cockpit, you can streamline your corporate processes in relevant departments to make them more effective and ensure a higher quality. Elements Commerce Cockpit would be ideally suited for customer service, in-store advisory services or telesales, advising via POS or for the sales force in the field. It’s designed to be used by your internal employees. By using the Elements Commerce B2B portal, you give access to ERP data to your customers which is a plug&play shop solution for your B2B commerce – basically a ready-to-use B2B service.