What is Elements?

As a flexible and browser-based erp cloud software, 4SELLERS Elements revolutionizes the everyday life of retailers and transaction-strong companies. It combines automated processes, intelligent microservices and a clear focus on usability in one software.

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This is Elements!

4SELLERS Elements is the ERP-based cloud software for transaction-strong companies in retail. With a clear and unconditional commitment to “less is more”, users receive an optimized interface that is adapted to their individual use case. Intelligent systems and automated processes support users proactively. Thus, even employees without ERP experience can work with the system from day one. This not only noticeably increases your productivity, but also makes your company flexible.

The basic idea behind 4SELLERS Elements is a question: Why do customers get a perfectly optimized and user-friendly shopping experience while ERP users are ignored? Even today, ERP interfaces mostly consist of confusing menus, extremely complex detail pages and require patience and experience.

The best of all worlds!

With a commitment to unconditional usability for users combined with a high degree of automation, 4SELLERS Elements offers the best of all worlds as flexible and browser-based cloud software. Due to a close integration with the underlying ERP system you receive all relevant data within milliseconds. Without creating duplicate data sets or replacing the ERP as single source of truth. The collected information is also enriched with data from other sources and processed in such a way that every user finds the best working conditions for him.

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Future-proof technology

As modern cloud software, Elements does not require the user to have his own server infrastructure. By using future-proof technologies, such as the intelligent load balancing of Kubernetes and the container architecture of Docker, a high performance is guaranteed.

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How is 4SELLERS Elements structured?

4SELLERS Elements is the flexible, lean and modern erp cloud software of 4SELLERS GmbH and is based on over 20 years of experience as one of the leading providers of retail software in Germany. The ERP and data basis for our software is currently Sage 100 (8.0/8.1) with its business logic. 4SELLERS Elements complements this structure with a modern and browser-based cloud software.

What makes Elements so special?


Elements bundles the relevant data of your ERP system as well as communication, product and logistics data in one platform. There is no double data storage.


You always have access to your system and can act immediately. As location-independent and browser-based cloud software, Elements is as flexible as modern trading requires.

Easy to use

Optimized for usability, Elements enables even untrained users to work productively with the system immediately. This allows you to react flexibly to market conditions.

Ready for use within 24 hours

After receiving all relevant information, 4SELLERS Elements is ready for use within 24 hours. There are no long waiting or implementation times - you can start right away.

AI-supported assistance systems

Based on our many years of retail expertise, Elements guides the user proactively and with foresight through the daily challenges of fast moving online commerce.

Kubernetes cluster

In order to achieve maximum flexibility, stability and performance, 4SELLERS Elements relies on state-of-the-art technologies. This includes the intelligent and flexible load distribution of Kubernetes.

Future-proof technologies

4SELLERS Elements relies on modern and future-proof technologies. Besides the Angular Framework, the powerful search engine Elasticsearch is used.

The user in focus

Nothing is more important than the user. Users receive exactly the information they need and are proactively supported in their daily work. This unrestricted usability noticeably increases productivity.

Secured data

As cloud software, 4SELLERS Elements is subject to German and European data protection laws. Our tested and certified server infrastructure is located in Germany and guarantees highest data security.

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